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Ethiopia Bird Watching Holidays

Ethiopia’s greatly diversified ecosystem makes it one of the richest habitats in Africa for birds and mammals. With more than 860 bird specious of birds, Ethiopia possesses about 10% of the world’s bird specious and about 40% of the African birds are found here. Among these 16 specious of birds are only found in Ethiopia, not anywhere else. That is the reason why we say, Ethiopia is a must for bird enthusiasts.

In addition to the spectacular scenic mountain areas, many of Ethiopia’s highlands and Rift Valley lakes are safe havens for a large variety of birds. The northern part of the country: The Simien Mountains National Park, Lake Tana, Lalibela and Tigray area offers great variety of birds. The Great Ethiopian Rift Valley area and the chain lakes of the Rift Valley: Zway, Langano, Abijata Shalla, Lake Chamo are some of the most important birding sites in Ethiopia.

Further south, in the south western parts of the country, around the Omo River, Mago and Omo National Park and most of the places all the way to the Kenyan boarder are amazing sites for bird watching. The Awash National Park and the Bale Mountains National park in the eastern part of the country are also exciting places for birding and wildlife viewing with many endemic birds.

Our bird watching tours, being lead by our expert birding and nature tour guides, are carefully designed to enable you spot as many bird specious and mammals as possible.

Below are some of our bird watching tours, which can be customized to your specific interest. If you haven’t found what you are looking for, just email us our friendly experts would be more than happy to help you plan a unforgettable bird watching tour.

Ethiopia Birding Tour: a birdwatchers paradise

  • Trip Type Bird Watching Tour - Nature
  • GHET-B001
  • Private Journey
  • 10 Days
  • This birding holiday will enable you to view a significant number of Ethiopian birds. On this tour you will also have the chance to spot some of the endemic birds and mammals as it takes you to some of the breathtaking sceneries including Jemma River Gorge, Sululta plains , the Rift Valley Lakes, Wondo Genet Forest, and the magnificent Bale Mountains where more than 10 of these endemic birds are found. Despite this is a bird watching tour we will have the opportunity to spot different endemic mammals.

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