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Ethiopia Photography Expedition

Photography Expedition to Ethiopia is like no other. Ethiopia provides an exciting and rare chance for photographers to document undiluted exotic ethnic traditions by centuries, colorful festivals, ancient African civilizations, amazing nature & exciting wildlife different from the usual African wildlife safari. Because of all these unique mixes of attractions & uncommon photography opportunities, traveling to Ethiopia is like traveling to multiple countries on one trip.

  • Photograph the amazing rock-hewn churches of St. Labella  from 1200 AD, which are referred by many as the living wonders of the world. Document some of the most colorful religious festivals on the classic Historic Route of Ethiopia.
  • In remote villages of the Omo Valley, you are privileged to meet and photograph exotic and diverse tribal culture. Visit & document colorful tribal markets, attend rituals & ceremonies.
  • Follow with your camera, the most endangered and the last surviving wolf of Africa and its beautiful puppies in the Bale Mountains.
  • Document the last grazing primates on spectacular roof of Africa, Simien Mountains.
  • Go on a photography expedition & adventure  to the bubbling lava lakes of Ertale and show your camera the surreal landscapes of Denakil Depression and much more.

Below are some of our well crafted photographic expedition to amazing Ethiopia.  If you haven’t found what you are looking for, let’s know we will be very happy to tailor-make any photography tour program for you.

Photography Expedition to The Unique Wilderness- The Tribes of the Omo Valley

  • Tour Type Photography Expedition
  • Limited To 8 Guests only
  • Duration 11 Days | Round-trip Addis Ababa
  • Price From USD: 3,898.00

Ethiopia Photography Tour | small group photography tour to remote Tribes of The Omo Valley 13 days

  • Tour Type Photography Expedition
  • Limited To 8 Guests only
  • Duration 13 Days | Round-trip Addis Ababa
  • Price From USD: 6,477.00

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