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Why visit Ethiopia? 10 reasons to visit Ethiopia

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Ethiopia is an inexhaustible sources of wonder for travelers-a sprawling country of ancient African civilization, colorful festivals, breath taking landscapes, diverse tribal culture and amazingly friendly people.

There are countlessly many reasons to visit this fascinating country, Ethiopia and the following are just only 10 of the reasons.

  1. Visiting the remarkable rock-hewn churches of Lalibela from 1200 AD, often referred by many as the ‘living wonders of the world’
  2. Visit the 3000 years ancient city of Axum, the land of the Queen of Sheba and the last resting place of the Ark of the covenant
  3. Explore an amazing mix of tribal ethnic group in the unique wilderness, The Omo Valley
  4. Trek on the Roof of Africa, The Simien Mountains one of the most spectacular mountain ranges in Africa.  Discover many & exciting endemic wildlife.
  5. Discover landscape of an alien planet. The Denakil Depression, one of the lowest and hottest place on earth and lava trek to Ertale Lava Lake.
  6. Discover some of the beautiful national parks and chains of lakes in the Great Ethiopian Rift Valley, the only geological feature visible from space.
  7. Embark on a boat cruise to  Lake Tana to visit some of the ancient island monasteries and source of the mighty Blue Nile River, the second longest river in the world.
  8. Marvel at the fairytale castles of Gonder
  9. Get lost in the walled and colorful medieval Islamic city of Harar.
  10. Last, but not least , meet with your ancient ancestors with a visit to Lucy, 3.4 Million Years Hominoid Skeleton at the National Museum in Addis.  After all, this is a journey to the land where all begun.

Ethiopia, then called Abyssinia, has beckoned explorers, writers and adventure seekers for thousands of years. It's as exotic and exciting as it sounds, after all this is the land where all begun. Now, it's your turn to experience this truly magical land!

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