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Ethiopia's Major Tourist Attractions

Ethiopia's Major Tourist Attractions

Located in the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia is an inexhaustible source of wonders for travelers — a sprawling country with an ancient African civilization, colorful festivals, spectacular landscapes, unique wildlife, diverse tribal culture, and much more. Ethiopia is old….old beyond imagination, dating back to the very beginnings of mankind. It is also the land of the Queen of Sheba, a place of legendary rulers, fabulous kingdoms, and ancient histories.

With more than 80 different ethnic groups living together with a tradition as old as humanity itself, Ethiopia is a melting pot of cultures Mother Nature was in a playful mood when she created Ethiopia, the result is a land that varies greatly from one region to the other.

It is completely a land of contrasts and extremes; a land of remote and wild places. Some of the highest and most stunning places on the African continent are found here, such as the jaggedly carved Simien Mountains, one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites, and some of the lowest places are also found here, such as the hot but fascinating Danakil Depression, with its sulfur fumaroles and lunar-like landscape. This diverse ecosystem is a safe haven for different endemic fauna and flora.

The following are the major attractions of Ethiopia.

A Land of Discovery Ethiopia is the earliest-known home of humankind. A skeleton of an older human ancestor, Australopithecus Afarensis, was discovered in 1974 in Haddar, along the Awash river, in the Afar region in the east of the country. Anthropologists have established that the skeleton of 40% of the human body had belonged to a 20-year-old female that lived 3.2 million years ago.

Ethiopia is one of the world's great crossroads — where the peoples and cultures of Africa, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean have been interacting for thousands of years. The resulting ethnic and cultural diversity has given rise to many unique and dynamic visual traditions. The strong religious setting, celebrations, and festivals play an important part in everyone's daily life. Church ceremonies are a major feature of…

Ethiopia is a land of natural contrasts, from the tops of the rugged Simien Mountains to the depths of the Danakil Depression, at 120 meters below sea level and one of the lowest dry land points on earth. The cornucopia of natural beauty that blesses Ethiopia offers an astonishing variety of attractions. LxNatureLLandscape Afro-Alpine highlands soaring to around 4,300 meters, moors and mountains, the splendor…

Ethiopia, the oldest independent nation in Africa, has a heritage dating back to the first century AD. Traders from Greece, Rome, Persia, and Egypt knew of the riches of what is now Ethiopia, and by the first century AD, Axum was the capital of a great empire. This realm became one of the first Christian lands of Africa. Late in the 10th century, Axum declined…

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