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Debre Berhan and Ankober Day Tour

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  • Trip Type Short Tour
  • Tour Code GHET-005
  • Private Journey
  • 1 Day
  • On this tour you visit two cities which played an important role in the history of Ethiopia.

In the morning, we drive north on the Dessie Road to the historical city of Debre Berhan, which is located 130 km from Addis Ababa. The great Emperor Zera Yaqob (1434–1468) made his imperial capital here after seeing a "heavenly light" (almost certainly Halley’s comet), which he took as a divine sign. Later, rulers abandoned the town, but it once again became an important center under the Shoan kings, notably King Sahle Selassie (1813–1847).

Then we continue driving to Ankober, which traces its history to the 12th century. It reached its climax in the 19th century with the coronation of Menelik II as King of Ethiopia. It served as the capital for the Shoan rulers until the founding of Addis Ababa as capital in 1886. Here you will visit the ruins of the Menelik Palace and an ancient Christian monastery. You will also enjoy a spectacular view of the Great Ethiopian Rift Valley.

After visiting Ankober, we will drive back to Addis Ababa with a quick stopover at Debre Berhan for coffee/tea and arrive back in Addis Ababa in the late afternoon.


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